About us.

Since 2007.”KINGS SPIDER” started Mr. N. Vinoth Kumar is the Proprietor of the company and efficiently look after all the internal and external affairs of the business. To faster growth in the business, he works with smart strategies. This helps in implementing a multi cornered growth of the business and improve the ambiance of the company in this competitive business era.

To efficiently address the growing needs of our customers, we offer services like facade cleaning service, building facade cleaning service, Glass Cleaning Service, ACP Cleaning Service, Tiles Cleaning Service, beehive removal, we are supported by a devoted workforce. We have appointed employees on the basis of the ability to perform and the experience they possess in their respective areas. They work in an efficient manner and always give their very best so as to meet deadlines. They are well aware of the prestige of the organization and thus never let us down when there is extreme pressure from market.


1. Window cleaning is a specialized task and hence it is essential that your hire the services of professional cleaning company who possesses the right tools, appropriate equipment and the proper training to ensure spotlessly clean windows.

2. They have the all tools and necessary supplies for window cleaning. Sectional ladders, customized brushes, extension poles, scrapers, high pressure pumps, hose pipes, squeegees and superior quality cleaning materials are indispensable to ensure squeaky clean windows.

3. Hiring these professionals also saves a lot of your time and energy. Window cleaning is a tiring, tedious and time-consuming chore. Hiring a reputable window cleaner frees your time and helps you to engage in activities that you enjoy. It also assures excellent savings of your money as once your windows are cleaned with the help of these professionals it takes some time for the dust and dirt to accumulate again.

4. Hiring a professional window cleaner avoids occurrence of accidents. Ordinary people like us do not possess the necessary skills to do this job efficiently and are hence prone to accidents that may cost us time, money and suffering.

5. As professionals are equipped with specialized tools and cleaning materials they assure you the best possible results. Their experience, techniques and better understanding of the task definitely assures better results. With their dedication and effort they will assure that every corner of the window is sparkling clean.

6. Professional window cleaning companies are reliable, trustworthy and honest. Hence you can be assured that they will treat your home with respect and responsibility to provide the desired result.

7. A routine cleaning of windows by professional experts can protect and extend the life of your windows.

8. A professional cleaning company eliminates problems of streaks and smudges and leaves your windows better than ever imagined.

9. They are also trained for handling windows in ground level buildings as well as well as skyscrapers. Cleaning high rise windows is a highly dangerous task and involves the use of specialized equipment like the guard rails and security ropes. Professionals are trained to access these hard to reach areas efficiently and easily.

10. Professional window cleaners are also duly licensed and insured.